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"*****The Nightmare King is a fun, fast-paced, exhilarating ride for fantasy lovers of all ages, but I'd especially recommend it for middle grade readers. It reminded my very much of the books I loved growing up, including The Chronicles of Narnia, The Bailey School Kids, and The Magic Tree House series. Although this book is longer than the chapter books, it keeps its readers engaged and captivated through to the very end.
Andy and Leigh are two ordinary children whisked away by a dragon to the extraordinary Land of Dreams to save their Aunt Maggie, who has been captured by the Nightmare King. This is a wonderful book that centers around love, family, and acting in spite of fear to do what is right. I can see this being the perfect book for reading groups and book clubs at schools, perhaps even a television series. That's what I loved about reading this book. I could see everything as it was happening. The magic of the Shadow of Dragon series is very, very real. " reviewer - WindTrailPublishing

"*****A compelling tale of love for one’s family and of doing what is right regardless of the fear we all face in our daily lives. The story promotes courage, and reliance on one’s family. We so need our kids to grow up with these values. Siblings, Andy and Leigh are very relatible, and had me rooting for them from the outset. I really appreciate how well L.M. Mann weaves these values into a compelling story line. She successfully created a fantasy world with noble dragons, cowardly villains, and a strong female character. I also like how she addresses the fact that we all have nightmares. We are all afraid at times. The question is how we confront these fears.

"***** Great job!! I thoroughly enjoyed the book and young readers will feel the same, I believe!"

- reviewer LoneStarGirl

"***** This fantasy-allegory clearly contrasts the battle between good and evil in two dimensions, similar to how Lewis did it in The Chronicles of Narnia.  L.M. Mann fully develops the characters of brother and sister, Andy and Leigh, so that you can relate to their feelings and thoughts and will pull for them during their quest to rescue their aunt from the Nightmare King's dungeon.
Love from the Creator undergirds the triumph of Light and Goodness and protects the children and their aunt from losing heart and falling to the perverseness of evil.  Easy to read and reinforces timeless virtues."

- reviewer M. May

"***** The author does a wonderful job of developing her characters. Andy and Leigh become your new best friends. Andy and Leigh seek out the Seals of Wisdom, Courage, and Invisibility to overcome the Dark King. The action starts right away and keeps you hooked till the very end.  One of the best. I will wait impatiently for the next book in the series.  - reviewer

"*****A must read for school age kids that like magical places with lots of action!  Enjoyed the book very much! If you enjoy magical places with lots of surprises around every corner this is a must read for you and your kids." - reviewer Lynn W.

"***** Great adventure book for kids! Wonderful storytelling that is thrilling, funny and heart-warming at the same time. A must read. I hope there is a sequel on the way...." - reviewer Aud

"***** Amazing read!" reviewer John

"***** Thoroughly enjoyed the book! Very easy to read, but kept me interested and wanting to continue to read! Enjoyed the storyline and the characters - especially the relationships! Look forward to the next book in the series." - reviewer Bethany

"*****  L.M. hits a home run with her first book out! This story brings together great values, true honor, and a storyline that will get a young adult's mind firing on all cylinders! Creating a world that has friendly dragons, villains, and a strong female character, propels the young mind to reach beyond their normal scope of reality. Great job!!" - reviewer Cass

"**** The Nightmare King provides a magic ride of adventures as the book's characters look for clues, find answers, build courage, and conquer evil - because love gives them the strength to fight and win.  This sweet story provides good lessons in morality balanced with flights of imagination and charm." - reviewer Elise

"***** This is a great book with a positive message. It is a great read for all ages. Loved it!" - reviewer Debbie

"I usually don't read books like this, but I loved it!  Seriously, this is my favorite book ever!" - S.G. from Palestine, TX

"My grand kids started reading it in the car & didn't want to stop!" - J.R. from Plano, TX

"I enjoyed THE NIGHTMARE KING as much as my 7 year old son will.... To think that this is the 1st publication by this author goes to safely say that a new star is born.  I can't wait for the next book!"  - B.C. from Dallas, TX

"It was awesome! When's the sequel coming?" - P.B. from McKinney, TX

"If I had a dragon, it would be cool like Shadow!"  - C.B. from Frisco, TX

"My grandkids will LOVE it!" - C.T. from Plano, TX

"It kept me turning pages. Lots of fun and quite an adventure!" - T.K. from Dallas, TX